House Extensions Bournemouth

Project Type: House Extension in Bournemouth

One of our most recent projects was a ground floor house extension of a property in Bournemouth. Our client was looking for a way to extend the amount of useable space that they had available but to also include as much natural light as possible. Our experts decided the best solution for this was to include a sliding door in a section of their house extension in Bournemouth.

During the entire project, our builders worked around our clients and adapted their methods to fit in with their daily life and cause as little stress as possible. Throughout, our project manager kept in touch with the client to provide them with regular updates on the progress of their house extension in Bournemouth.

Looking back on our completed project, we are incredibly proud of the work we have done. Our client was impressed by the results and our team exceeded all expectations for their house extension in Bournemouth.

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